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First of all I want to plug a piece of commercial software. Reunion 4.0 (5.0 is now available, but I have not used it) for the macintosh is incredible. I paid $99.95 for it and it is worth every penny. It is available from Leister Products and their phone number is 717-697-1378. Sorry I don't have a url. I'll put that on my list of things to look for.

Family legend holds that three Wyant brothers set off from Prussia around about 1765 fleeing from the Franco Prussian War. Draft dodgers you could say. Due to the family not keeping perfect records, I've only been able to trace back to 1797. Now there is a bit more family legend. One of these three brothers settled in the Pennsylvania area, another one moved on to the Midwest... settled initially in Ohio, but then probably moved on to Indiana and settled in the Hamilton County area (he is the one I am descended from). The third, is lost to history. Our branch of the Wyant family does not record where he settled. Without further ado, here is the information I have gathered.

Jacob Wyant's Descendents Oh, by the way, if you are curious I am the person in the location of on that descendent report.

I am pleased to be able to show a picture of Henry Wyant's Family.

Left to Right & Back to Front:

1) Mary Wyant (Brattain)
2) John Wyant
3) Frank Wyant
4) Dora M. Wyant (Williamson)

Front Row:

5) Joseph Wyant
6) Henry J. Wyant
7) Olan Wyant
8) India Belle Wyant (Mills)
9) Henrietta Galloway (Wyant)
10) Harry Wyant

To find additional Wyant information, I suggest you contact Don Wiant. He has an excellent homepage set up for Wiant/Wyant/Weygandt